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Charmeleon lowered one of his claws down to his side, breathing a long stream of fire onto his other until it glowed with a firey aura. Then closeing his eyes, as Zoroark managed to swiftly evade each of his strikes ending up behind him. Listening to the light patter of the fox's feet moving rapidly across the ground, Charmeleon side stepped the intial overhead strike thrown by Zoroark while spinning to face his opponent once again catching it's shadow endowed claw with his own that burned like a torch. Charmeleon flung his sapphire eyes open to lock onto those of Zoroark's. He then swung his free fireless claw to strike the fox across the face.

'That Zoroark, of hers is rather skilled, but so far it seems to follow a simple repetitive tactic. Probably to throw Charmeleon off guard, by surprising him with something else.' Seth thought to himself noticing how reletivly easily his opponent's Pokemon toyed with his own.
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