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Originally Posted by Magic Fox View Post
The scripting looks well done, and the story definitely sounds alluring. I'm a bit worried about the mapping and the tiles though, the map you posted here has a number of no-nos, such as simple paths, blocks of trees and narrow pathways. The multicoloured tress also look off.

Wish you all the best, maybe consider some new tiles, and with it some edits to your current outside maps.
First of all, thanks for the feedback.

Could you elaborate a little more for me, giving a description of what you mean by simple paths? I am trying to add as much detail as possible to have it look more realistic, are you saying I should add more grass tiles? As for the block of trees, I can't really see what you mean because the entire map is pretty much just trees, simply because you arrive on shore, and you go into a forest where I wanted it to have a lot of trees and very little spacing for the pathways because it's suppose to be that no one has been there before. As for the trees, I agree with the colors looking a little off. Do you think I should change the colors of them or just use new trees in general?
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