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Maya dreaded the thought; it appeared as if, despite the stratagems that she had woven, as clean and as well- contemplated as they were, fell short; Seth had simply circumvented through them. Landing a decisive hit seems so difficult. Each and every feint, each thrust.. were just outright outmaneuvered. What should I do.. ? What would be best.. ? Truth be told, Maya was considerably vexed, despite her rather calm, composed, albeit rigid, expression.

Zoroark, although by the slimmest of margins, leaped backwards to properly elude the forthcoming strike; though despite this favorable, albeit minuscule, success, it had done naught, but further galvanize her steady unease.

"Zoroark! Night Slash, once more! Attempt to, if not for a short moment, disarm Charmeleon!" Maya bellowed.

The crimson, albeit darkly accented vulpine, then, propelled a rather swift thrust, and sustained its rather lightning- fast pace, propelling succession of steadily unrelenting thrusts that, truth be told, attested it considerably burdensome to approximate a proper retaliation.
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