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I would sooooo love it if this could happen, but it can't. And if it does, then you can rub it in my face. Because i know, that it will never happen.

With that said, if it does somehow happen in some big technological discovery, i just dont think it would bring good for the person using it. I mean think about it, once your in, you will sooner or later get bored and you will want to leave. The pokemon world has limits. Also, if a young child, (6 or 7) goes in, they might start to think that they were in the pokemon world from the beginning, losing grip in reality. Then the come back out and boom! That would turn the mind to mush.

Ok that idea was a little sifi but it gets the point across. I just dont think its safe, for youger people anyway.

(Not to mention that you don't get to eat food in pokemon. Imagin life without food!)

All in all, it would be epic, and fun, and epic again. And it does somehow happen (wich it won't), i would definitely try it out. But for now il just stick with my hand-helds
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