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Quote originally posted by dudebot:
Fair enough. You're right too. Being stranded on an island, there would be no power to ranking up or following a chain of command.

Once again, fair enough. I'm a little ticked. I'm a bit of a Navy enthusiast and love to see it in a Pokemon Hack, so it's a bummer.

However, I'm more so a proponent of good storytelling and I can't see its purpose in a stranded situation. But, I am definitely curious as to what those checkpoints will be.
Well if it helps your Navy enthusiasm, I'm actually IN the US Navy so I have a lot of knowledge in that department. Yes, I will be implementing naval terminology every once and awhile and yes there will be naval events. Even more, there will be a lot of sailors you battle since they are stranded on the land too and will do anything to take your food rations!

Quote originally posted by Ssj3 Pikachu:
Are you looking for people to help with this or is it just a thread for discussion?
The team discussions thread will be for those who want to apply to be on the team or who have questions unrelated to the story or information posted on this thread.

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