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As I've never really been into playing MMOs, I didn't hear about the terms noob and newbie until I joined an Android development forum back in '07.

In essence the same applies to that forum because the noobs will create thread after thread of uselessness and effectively asking to be spoonfed the answers to simple questions (even if it's answered in either a sticky or a quick search would find the answer) and won't give any useful information for others to be able to solve their problems easier whereas the newbies will perform thorough searches (with proof of the search) and then provide all the relevant information so their issue can be diagnosed.

As of late though I've actually started playing Shadowgun Deadzone and much the same will happen on there aswell. There will be those who will genuinely want to improve their game and will therefore ask for some tips or will follow your play to learn from that and then there's those who will just keep pestering you until they get what they want or you tell them to go away (not as politely, of course).

In both situations, I treat them the same as you. I won't tend to help the noobs because they'll never learn from their mistakes anyway but I will often find myself helping the newbies because, after all, we were all in their position at one point or another.
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