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Quote originally posted by BCKC:
Okay, PM'd you.
Why is Rainbow Tower being removed?
Rainbow tower would cause too much of an increase in workload to finish up properly. Thought it'd be a better idea to split it up. ie; arcade zone now in Magnus(amplus) city.
Safari zone was practically useless... so that's removed for the time being. battle zone will reappear somewhere down the line. probably a dungeon zone too. quiz zone will probably turn into an arcade zone minigame.

Quote originally posted by HibariChan:
Thanks ! It worked perfectly fine =D

Quote originally posted by Thelegendaryhunter0:
btw whats with leech seed it's too underpowered
Hmm yeah. thats true. Absorbing attacks are a little hard to balance in rpgmaker, because I absorbing is just a on/off thing. meaning all the damage done is absorbed. Thought leech seed being an All enemy attack would make it more viable. Regardless, i've given it a power boost now.

Quote originally posted by PokeBossHD:
When I try giving a Rare Candy to my Croconaw it won't work.(It will give it to the pokemon on the list below him instead) It's the only pokemon that I have nicknamed is that why ?
nope. my rare candies are broketh. Selecting the first pokemon, will instead give the candy to the second. fixed now, you can fix this by going to the pokecenter, using the PC, rearranging pokemon, so that croconaw is under another (non-eevee) pokemon.

Quote originally posted by BCKC:
No idea, but whoo! Someone using my support bar xD

New OP is up! *celebrates*
OP looks much nicer! Eternal thanks for that

Bumbitity bumb bumb. Just started working on vanish encounter now. jasmine gym completed. doing some testing,

and fixing a lot of the wild encounters. especially in regards to night mode. Earlier parts of the game now carry much higher leveled pokemon when traversed at night,(eg: route 2 has nidorans at day, but nidorinos at night) and in general, night mode will weild higher level pokemon.
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