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Quote originally posted by hamham:
I'd still love to trade with you if you're online at some point
Just find me online, I'm mostly on from 5pm till 10pm EST now. And weekends, I might not be on that much anymore.

Quote originally posted by bleri1200:
Ok, I know this is a big order but i'm hoping you can do it because I lost most of my older starters,
That IS a big order indeed, but it ain't impossible. Just find me online then VM me and we can set up a time

Quote originally posted by amac_ogain:
Can you trade me a Female DW Gible? I can trade you a DW magikarp lol.
I don't have a DW Gible :C

Quote originally posted by Arcanine16:
If you want to set up the trade for whenever, It'd probably be easy to do it based on your schedule. Thanks in advance.
As stated above, I'm available from 5PM till 10PM EST during the weekdays and weekends might be rare to see me online now.

Quote originally posted by WingedToad:
Well, Hey bud! Im looking for any starter your willing to give away xD!

and if you do have a gligar from DW, i will trade you for something xD
All of the starters shown in my thread are for free, lol
Just pick whichever you want

And no, i don't have a Gligar, the only DW Pokemon that I got are the ones shown in the post.
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