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Originally Posted by JcB0619 View Post
thanks 1158 But where can i find the colress machine
Check the "rocks" after you finished the event of the secret room in Sky Castle. You'll get it after a event.

Originally Posted by Lucra View Post
Do karrablast and shelmet evolve by level? And if so, what level?

Edit: Can we catch Cheskin etc?
They evolve at Lv40. And I'm not going to make Cheskin available until its 2nd evolution stage published.

Originally Posted by Cooltrainer Defa View Post
How to get red shard, green shard, and yellow shard in mission 3 ?
Simply search for special tiles in caves all over SYLON to reach the hidden caves. You can get some from there. I think there are enough shards for you. Some wild POKeMON also hold them.

Originally Posted by markosharko98 View Post
Is this hack complete i mean that everything before nd after league completed
There're two regions available currently. So there are two leagues available now. This beta ends after you defeated the second league.

Originally Posted by qaz015393 View Post
Don't know if you already got a back sprite for mega blaziken yet, if not I made 1 from a screen shot from 1 of the new trailers and you can use it.
thanks for adding the mega forms man.
Mega Blaziken is only available in Victory Fire, just like mega Mawile is only available in this hack. What's more, I've already made theirs back sprites and they're in the hack now. Thanks anyway.

Originally Posted by alienhunterx View Post
The hack is about 80 % complete man. 1158 has plans to finish it before the release of X and Y games so be patient
I think it is just 75% completed. I must wait for more informations about the 6th gen POKeMON. But a Pre-beta might be out before that.

Originally Posted by JcB0619 View Post
Gotta wait until October. Bummer
Sorry, but please wait. Maybe there will be a Pre-neta released before that.

Originally Posted by ElitePokes View Post
Aww JC poor thing...

1158 Are you gonna remove the shaking truck thing in the start from a new game from emerald in both of your hacks?
Maybe I will, I may have a try, if no errors would be there. I'll release the fixed version.
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