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Hey Lazarus welcome to PC!

If you're having problems with images showing up in your signature is probably cause either the image is broken or you just put in the code wrong. The code for images is.
Just insert the url for the image you want to use in your signature. So for example if I want to use this image in my signature:

I'd put this code in the box for my signature but without the spaces:
[IMG] [/IMG]

Hope that helps a bit. For the avatar , I'm not sure why it won't show, but maybe it's too big. Avatars can only be 130x130 for regular users or must be under 41.0KB so maybe the image is too big? If you need more help, you can always contact a staff member. They're the ones in blue, orange and red or you can ask in the Questions and Feedback section. There's a lot of helpful and nice users who will help you out on anything you have questions or problems with.

But anyway, glad to have you with us! Any reason you joined in particular? I'm sure you like Pokemon right? Anything about Pokemon you like such as the games, anime , manga or even the card games? I'm just curious is all! As for me, I'm really into the games the most. My first being Red version, but I also enjoy the anime too. I got into Pokemon through the anime so I'm thankful I started watching it! I still watch it every now and then today. You should have fun looking around this place. There's so much to do here and there's a lot of nice people to meet. I'm always up to chat anytime myself and so would almost any other member here. I really do hope you have fun here. See you around sometime!
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