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Eulu's Hacking Profile:
My name is Samara; I always sign off on my work under my real name, but I don't mind whether you call me that or my screen name-- Eulu. Nice to meet you!
Spriting, concept art maybe?, and idea-pitching.
I'm mostly interested in making Fakemon, though I'm also willing to meet any of your other spriting needs. That said, I'm probably not the person you're looking for if you plan on not having any Fakemon in your hack at all. The more you plan to have, the more excited I am to help! I'm also probably game to help out hacks with really original, new story lines.
Prior Experience?:
I've never worked on a hack before, to be honest. I've contributed my artwork to other games before, but I've never been on a part of team. I'm excited to try it out!
I'm a college student with a part time job, and I also have a lot of commitments such as newsletter-writing and music lessons. Because of my job, I'm unable to provide clear time-frames of my availability. I've definitely got time for you-- probably at least 7+ hours per week, but I need you to take that all into consideration before contacting me!
Contact Info:
You can message me here, and if we decide to work together I'll give you my Skype info.
Thanks! Feel free to message me. <: