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To add, be sure the "Show your Signature" under Advanced Options (when replying to your thread) is checked. If not, you should get it checked on because that can show you your siggy the next time you post. Also, be sure that you embedded the image using [img] tags like AW mentioned.

For avatar, be sure your avatar fits the requirements. I'm not certain if new members have to have 15 posts in order for their avatars to appear...i don't think so. Hopefully at least the signature problem helped!

Nonetheless, welcome aboard! I got a few relatives that live in Lancaster, actually. I'm actually from California (ignore my location lol), and it's not really beaches and 75 degree weather. Lately we've been having some monsoonal thunderstorms that reeeeally poured in here. Hope the weather is awesome in your area. xD It's always awesome here at the PokeCommunity as well,. take a look around as we offer some of the most amazing topics about Pokemon and other things you might be interested in.

But anyways, have a wonderful time. Stick around, and don't hesitate to ask anymore questions ok!

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