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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
Its mostly just Lightning Plover that I wanted to avoid since I see a lot of deck with that as a focus. Anything else is pretty much fine. I've got a ton of cards. Plan on cateloging them sometime in the future XD

But ya its just no "lightning plover this and that". I got a lot of that from friends ^w^;;
Fabulous! Well my first rec would be Lightning Plo-oh wait.

Generic WIND is perhaps a tad lacking. If I were to build a WIND deck I'd probably revolve it around one of the Simorghs. I like Bird of Divinity and Dark Simorgh very much, though I guess the latter one might be a bit too hybrid-y for what you're trying to achieve.

I've never built a deck based on Bird of Divinity before but it could actually be quite fun with some sort of weird burn / backrow-loving build! Would be interested in seeing the results if you did go down that route.

OH and I have to mention The Atmosphere too! Love this card so much, would like to build a deck around it myself someday!

If you end up making a proper Harpie deck, there are some fun varients to try. Obviously the most noteworthy ones are Pure + Divine (which is focused on Harpie Dancer / Divine Wind shenanigans, though I feel you might already know that), but there's a fun Dragunity hybrid that just came around recently and works surprisingly well!