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Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
Ew, mushy lovey advice.

Anyway, ugh I hate that I'm actually using this thread for something like this, but I'm really at a loss here and I'd like more a general answer than the ones I've gotten from specific people that I know really well.

1. Is it considered weird to talk to someone for the first time over Facebook, or should I keep pushing for face to face conversation? Like, actually carry a conversation. The "Hi, I'm so-and-so" I've had with them doesn't count as talking. I have social anxiety so talking to people isn't my forte, especially when I'm the one that is gonna have to take the first step here.

2. This is mainly aimed at guys, but girls can answer too really. Do you think it's weird when girls take initiative in talking to someone and making the moves? Does it come off as creepy or trying too hard or something? I've just generally noticed that guys tend to think that when girls try to get close to a guy, they're crazy or weird or psycho, but if a guy does it, it seems to be totally fine and cute. idk. I'm at a loss here. lol

I really can't believe I'm using this thread for this omg. v_v Good thing no one I know irl goes here.

1. You can do whichever makes you the most comfortable. Me and my girlfriend actually started talking via Facebook because of a post her cousin posted (I'm friends with him on Facebook). She then added me and then we talked for a couple of months and then we finally got to see each other in real life and now It'll be 4 years, this December that I've been with her.
So if talking by Facebook makes you feel better, do it by Facebook first and then when both of you are really comfortable with each other you can start seeing each other face to face more often. Because when you see someone face to face right away, either he's rushing things too fast or he's just a creeper. Just take things slow and see how things turn out.

2. Actually no, sometimes the guy is too shy or too afraid of the answers he might get from speaking to a girl first. My girlfriend is actually the first one to talk to me, so yea.
When you start talking to a guy, don't think of it as being creepy or trying too hard, just think of it as just trying to know him better since he sparks an interest in you.
As for saying that guys thinking that girls are psycho, weird or crazy for talking first, that's not really true. Guys likes it when girls talk first, they'll find it really nice and if the guy as a crush on you, he'll know that you trying to talk first really means you're interested in him or something like that.


Edit: Wow, I didn't realize Syd's post was from two weeks ago... oh well. Hopefully she reads this and she get some advice from it.
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