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PC's Emulation board is huge and very well-known amongst Pokemon hackers so stopping by here was a great choice. I know things will probably be a little complicated at first.. after all, our hacking board's enormous and has tons of resources. It's fine if you get lost! You can utilize the hacking simple questions thread if you have a little question to ask or can't find a specific tutorial, so that's a nice way to get started. I don't hack so I probably can't help you along, but I'd love to assist you for pretty much anything else, like looking for proper places to post and the like. n~n Don't hesitate to contact me anytime.

Anyways, have you been having fun so far?! I see you've already been posting around and all that jazz; guess that means things are going well. If you're looking for one of those first special buddies you can send me a friend request or leave a message on my profile so we can chat. Soo.. have a great time here!

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