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2nd Update!

Defeated the kimono girls and got Surf from the old man with the Nidoking or Nidoqueen, don't remember!
I then proceeded to face Morty and it was pretty easy until I had to go against his Gengar
Got to Olivine City and climbed up the lighthouse where I met Jasmine and she asked me to get some medicine from Cianwood City
I took the Medicine from the medicine guy
Then faced Chuck which was VERY easy with Insomnia
I got the Fly HM and flew back to Olivine City
I gave the medicine to Jasmine and she gave it to Ampharos, who instantly got better
With Jasmine headed back to the gym, I followed her and faced her in a difficult battle which I won thanks to Syringe's Twin Needle attack & Wildfire's Ember attack
I then headed to Mahogany Town where I went to the Lake of Rage to defeat the red Gyarados
Then I met Lance, who wanted me to help him in his investigation
While facing a few trainers at the Lake of Rage, Lumière evolved into an Ampharos
I went inside Team Rocket's hideout and faced every single grunt there
I'm about to face the Team Rocket Executive

Badges Obtained:

Current Pokemon Team:

Insomnia, the Hypno♂
Level 30
Moveset: Shadow Ball, Hypnosis, Disable & Confusion

Wildfire, the Quilava♂
Level 31
Moveset: Strength, Leer, Smokescreen & Flame Wheel

Lumiere, the Ampharos♀
Level: 31
Moveset: Tackle, Growl, Thunderpunch & Thunderwave

Syringe, the Beedrill♀
Level: 31
Moveset: Rage, String Shot, Fury Cutter & Twin Needle
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