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Vera Fayos

The Blaziken sat in Vera's hand as she waited for the order to move out. It would be coming soon. She tried many times to recreate the occurrence with Penance, but never managed to get it to work. She had been silent for the majority of the time leading to today, except to discuss tactics when needed, and to thank Hanso. Since then, she had been avoiding him. She simply could not pull herself to look at his eyes. A grim reminder that Sovereign was gone.

Occasionally, someone would hassle her about her role in the Silver Tribe. She let them vent, understanding full well that they had every right to be angry.

"Your presence has been requested. The march will begin soon," a Machoke said to her. She took her place among the ranks of the Gold Tribe, something she had never expected. For all her hate towards their kind, she was relieved to be setting things right. She would be joining the group traveling along the mountain path.
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