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"Ah a Pikachu. Is it your's?" Dan asks.

"No it is a second Pikachu that belongs to Kaitlyn. It wanted to come with me tonight." I say with a smile.

"Ah, well shall we get started? I promised my family I wouldn't be gone too long. Go ahead and ask any question you want. I will answer as best as I can." Dan says, looking over the cliff, out to the seaish are that was more of a bay, as the last few minutes of daylight started to disappear.

"Alright. Obviously my first question is where is my sister?" I say looking at the last few minutes of sunlight.

"When we took her yesterday, we took her to the hideout we were at today. However, they move them constantly and the more valuable prisoners are kept at the main hideout. I myself do not know where it is. Only a select few know. Most likely his captains, the Elite 4 members." Dan says.

I could tell he was telling the truth by his voice.

"Ok, do you know where the Elite 4 members are?" I ask.

"There are four obviously. Each one has their own hideout. One is southwest of here on the island known as Citadark Isle. Long ago it use to be the main hideout of the Team Cipher. There is one in the center of the desert. Long ago the S.S. Libra, a large ship, was dropped there by a Shadow Lugia. The other two I do not know about. The only thing I know about is one is far South of Phenac City and the other one is far north of here. Near where the desert and lush area meets. Is there anything else?" Dan asked.

I think for a minute and and hits me.

"I think this is my last question, a few months ago there was a Typhlosion and Sneasel stolen by members of the remains of Team Cipher and Team Snagem. Do you happen to know who has them?" I ask.

Dan thinks for a moment, "I don't know if it is the same one, but one of the Elite 4 members has a Typhlosion and another has a Sneasel. I do not know which one though. Why do you ask?" Dan asked.

"Because, Kaitlyn had two pokemon stolen from her by those people. Her first pokemon was Typhlosion." I say.

"Oh. Well good luck to you. I better get back to my family. Here is my number, if you want anything else, call me. We are friends now." Dan said handing a piece of paper to me with a number on it.

"Thanks." I said taking the paper.

We shook hands and went different ways. The Pikachu that wanted to come with me, was on my head looking around. I pet the little mouse and we head back to Kaitlyn's house.
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