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Originally Posted by PokeBossHD View Post
Oh alright awesome :3 but now my game is just glitched :/ You know in the area with the green/blue tiles ? (don't remember the name) well I saved there in a green area and quitted the game . When I opened the game to play again , I was stuck there can't move at all . I would show you a picture but it's not letting me for whatever reasons.
Ah... forgot about that one. seems like tile switching doesn't work correctly when you load a game, causing it to act weirdly. Fixed now.

Originally Posted by rajvir View Post
Very glad to hear New game Plus will soon be available once more.
Looking forward to getting to see the scenes a second time around without worrying about grinding or losing all my money that I got from refining.
heh. very true. I'll be more advanced than it was before, offering some extra options.

Originally Posted by sanford1993 View Post
I found a major glitch.

I had a repel on and I was on the refinement screen. My repel wore off on the screen. Then I moved very slowly. Now I healed again and my character is unable to leave the Pokemon Center (if I attempt to, my character walks on the wall).
try clicking enter on the first black tile underneath the exit. which should take you to outside the pokecenter. Try entering the pokecenter again and healing up. Doing all that should fix it.

jumping over a ledge might help too.

Originally Posted by mewlover22 View Post
wow this is getting better everyday can't wait to see the final version. It's interesting to see how you can use Pokemon in a final fantasy type setting and make it work real well.
Thanks Final version can't come soon enough haha.


Here's a minor update: The 2nd Hypervisor! Vanish_23

Controller of systems. electric/psychic typing.
You'll be fighting her at the end of chapter 4 in Demo7b. which will be coming out soon.

funfact: She's the only hypervisor that hasn't been encountered on any previous versions. so this is her premier reveal.
Version 0.753 is out
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