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Nice luck there on the shiny Riolu, Pochama95! I, too, had a story I was saving for its own post...

September 5, 2013

Dream World: Sawk. Found: nothing new; female Ledyba with the ability Rattled.
Dream World 2: Tangela. Found: nothing new.

I’m traveling for work this week, so I’m in Kansas City. I’m excited because I’ve never been to Missouri, so this is another state I can check off my bucket list. After work, I did a significant amount of training with my team on Route 22 before heading to dinner. Why did I mention all that? Here’s why.

10:10pm (Kansas City time)

I just got back to the hotel room after taking a drive to the state of Kansas for dinner with my friend who is also out here with me for work. I decided some Pokémon training was in order before going to sleep. So I rounded up my Pokémon and left for Route 22. The very first wild Pokémon encounter I had was a double battle between a little Mienfoo and a green-wing tipped Pelipper.


Holy Poké Balls!! It’s a shiny Pelipper! I sent out Vespiquen and Staryu. First order of business: I have to get rid of that Mienfoo.

“Quick, Vespiquen, use Air Slash!” I commanded. One Air Slash later and it was just me, my Pokémon, and a special Pelipper hovering near us. I didn’t want to even risk attacking it, so I tossed a Poké Ball.

“Poké Ball, go!” It rocked three times… but no luck! That was so close! I tried again; the ball rocked three times, and I thought I had it, but then out it popped again! It’s taunting me, but I’m not giving up.

“Staryu, don’t let it get away!” I screamed as my Staryu blocked the Pokémon from flying off. The third Poké Ball attempt failed completely, as Pelipper popped right out, and attacked with Brine!

“Staryu, block that attack!” Being a water-type, Staryu was able to absorb the attack with minimal damage.

“Great job! Now, come on, Poké Ball, let’s make this one count!” The Poké Ball absorbed Pelipper, fell to the ground, rocked three times, and then… clicked!

Welcome to the family, my shiny new Pelipper!!

264. Pelipper

I did one last thing before turning in for the night. Back at the Pokémon Center in Humilau City, I rewarded my Staryu for helping me catch Pelipper. I gave a Water Stone to Staryu, and it evolved into Starmie!

265. Starmie

I gave my six Pokémon to Nurse Joy to treat, and sent Pelipper to Professor Juniper to take a look at. While I was talking to her, she told me about another new Pokémon to make its habitat in Southeastern Unova. She said while she was doing some research in Pinwheel Forest, she came upon some wild Yanma.

“About a year ago there was a report of a swarm of Yanma on Route 14 near Undella Town,” Juniper explained. “But they haven’t been seen that far north since. Apparently, they’ve migrated south and now make their home among the trees of Pinwheel Forest and Route 3.”

“So, let me guess…” I started.

“Yes,” she stated. “Doctor Fennel and her Musharna were walking with me along Route 3, and the Musharna used some of its Dream Mist on one of the Yanma that startled us. So you might want to look for it the next time you’re in the Dream World!”
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