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oh right, currently i'm doing crossover of Ignitionshipping (aka Volkner and Flint) when they a game together. though i do need a better title...
spoiler because, well, need some major editing.

A Ignitionshipping x Homestuck AU

A young man in his young 20s is standing inside of his room waiting for his best bro coming home from work. So they can begins a new game they revived, however, waiting for him all day making him very impatience. However, luckily, being the strongest gym leader of the Sinnoh Pokémon league was worth of getting the beta copy. Also having a friend being a member of the Elite 4 increased of getting another beta copy in case one of them lost it. However, the original will be release next month, but his bro could not resist of getting “A game to die for!”
Before we go on this story, we need to know his name.

Enter Name:



Try Again:

Volkner Corrado


Be the depress Gym leader:

Your name is Volkner, the last gym leader of the Sinnoh Pokémon league, plus the strongest. For so many years of battling challengers’ Pokémon, you lost your spirit of battling (Again). Therefore, you gave away badges without the battles for a while now. However, your friend was trying to cheer you up again, but been busy of battling top participators at the Elite Four Tower. Therefore, you’re all alone inside of the tower, doing nothing. All though your other interests are building high tech stuff; after all, you did build all of these awesome solar plates all over the city. Sadly, it’s a rainy day today, so you are just standing here, once again, doing nothing. For being so depress of waiting, your suggestion is at least do something. However, what will you do in a rainy day?

Volkner: Examine Room
Someone once told you there is always something to do on a rainy day. You did remember that one time in your childhood when you and your bro both had the same situation in that stormy day…
But you are too busy examining the room that is called “your”.

Volkner: Look at a poster of…

Lt. Surge, one of the best electric gym leaders of all time. Though he was the third low class gym leader, but his guts never failed him. For had challenged so many amazing trainers all over the world, his smile never move an inch of jealously.

Volkner: Kiss the poster!

What! How childish of you wanted to see him kissing a stupid poster of Lt. Surge! That just stupid and child play.

Volkner: Please kiss the poster

No way!

Volkner: PLEASE kiss the poster! Walk to the window

You walk to window to see if you see your bro out there, but no spot of him, which made you upset. He supposed to finish his last battle a while ago to get the game started, you guess the rain is getting heavy over the tower and the flight will be bumpy. You guess you could for him a little bit.
Speaking of the son of *****, you got a message.

Volkner: Look at the message

famousSocialite[FS] Began Bothering energeticVictor[EV] at 3:02 pm
FS: Yo, Volkner!
EV: Oh hey…
FS: Don’t tell me, you still skipping battles again? What if the champion finds out about this, I won’t be holding this in for any longer, man!
FS: she will find out with her *****y powers.
EV: ….
FS: *sigh* you have to get over it, this is not the Volkner I know since we became friends for “I don’t know how many” years.
EV: …Are you still at the tower?
FS: Nah, man. I am free as a Butterfree!
EV: Oh, so you are coming…
FS: Yeah bro! Therefore, we can play the copy the company had made.
EV: Very well, I guess I’ll install the copy while you head here.
FS: Alright, Volkner.
FS: While you at it, my little brother is coming by so we may be do a threesome.
EV: ….
FS: What?
EV: Oh nothing.
EV: I was wondering why you wanted your little brother to play with us?
FS: Don’t worry about it, I bet he will just watch us.
FS: like he always does.
EV: Alright, whatever you say…
FS: Ok! See you later then.

famousSocialite[FS] Deceased Bothering energeticVictor[EV] at 3:10 pm

Be the other guy:
Another young man around his 20s is standing behind the tower of the Elite four and finishes the day of defeating a lot of fire up opponents. However, being an elite four member can be tough like getting your ass kick every time you being challenged by that ***** who know your weakness every time.
Before you lose your flame from the heavy rain, let’s guess this guy’s name!
Enter name:
Sir ****tybirdnestalot
Ehhhh, every character should be insulted from these random names, but this guy seem to like the joke. What’s this? There’s something on his umbrella, with a Lopunny drawing on it. Saying: Friendship never ends…
Try Again?

Flint Adrien

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