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Originally Posted by EternallyAnna View Post
I saw Pancham and immediately thought "yeah that's an Ash 'mon" so yeah. I actually want Dedenne to belong to Bonnie though. Like more in a pet capacity than a battle capacity, you know? (side note: WOW IT'S RLLY TINY WOW HOW CUTE) The thing about Pancham is that it's cute, but it just feel as if it should be more powerful. Like any Pancham will always striving toward being a Pangoro. If Pancham appears in a major character's party, it will evolve. There is no question there.
Problem is , If Ash catch's Pancham then it will be nothing more then another annoying Stupid Oshawott for Marketing purpose !!!
And I Seriously don't another Oshawott on Ash's team !!!
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