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WHAT NOOO I clicked EB's spoilers without looking at MSPaintAdventures first so I was shocked xD
Okay. But don't panic, DON'T PANIC. She is God Tier, remember? And this wasn't really heroic and I'm not sure it was just either... She hasn't really done anything bad-bad yet. Has she?

And even if she dies-dies, Jane can still revive her! So. It's okay. But this sort of twists my idea of Dirk being the one to save her by splitting her own soul from the Condesce :/

Maybe good!Jade wakes up in the dream bubbles as a ghost now? And meets with Vriska and Meenah and whatnot.

But I do hope she comes back alive... good!Jade style :( So tired of this Grimbarkness.

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