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Ryan Cutlass - Water Bender

"I told you, you should have come home right after they left you. Why don't you ever listen to me, lad?"

Ryan wasn't listening, and kept staring at the ceiling fan while his uncle applied a cream to his chest and put a bandaid on the bridge of his nose.

"And a firebender, too! What on earth were you thinking?"

"She's a nice girl."

Ryan's uncle sighed as he handed him back his shirt. "You get in trouble one more time, boy, and you're sleeping outside. You want your father to hear about this?"

Ryan paused for a moment, and looked at his Uncle's frowning face. "... no." He stood up, and thanked his uncle. "I gotta - erm - call back Falco. I left him at a friend's house. I'll be back later tonight, promise." Without giving time for his uncle to answer, he dashed towards the door and left the appartment, snatching his coat from the doorhandle.

Gotta finish what I started, right?

A few minutes later, he arrived at the Central Station, where he had last seen her. I should ask somebody where she went. He looked around. Most people had gone home and only a few remained in the street. Ryan decided to walk up to the nearest person he found. It was a young cigarette vendor, who was packing up his bags for the day.

"Hi. Have you seen a firebender around here? I'm looking for her."

The young man looked up and smiled. "Well, my friend, the only firebender I know around here is him." he gestured towards Zuko's statue.

Ryan smiled at the guy's humour. I should use that sometime. "Well yeah, but I said 'her'. You're sure you haven't seen one around? Blonde, ponytail, small black bag, charming outfit?"

The vendor scratched his chin. "Actually, now that you mention it, I think I saw that girl hanging out with some other skinny one. They went towards the pro-bending arena. The blonde one was really loud, though. Is she like, a sister of yours?"

Ryan thought of an excuse. "Em, no she's - thanks." He quickly left the vendor and scurried off towards the pro-bending arena.

Ryan was finally able to grace the arena with his presence, having narrowly avoided a confrontation with the vendor that would have revealed that he was actually interested in Angelique and would've made him look, well, fairly creepy. But that was beside the point. The bigger concern was that the line to get in was quite a long wait, so he was given no choice but to express lane this thing and get inside before it was too late.

Once inside, he scouted around to try and find his lovely lady. Where would she be? She couldn't have gotten that far so fast... AH! There she is!

Ryan spotted Angelique standing in the middle of the lobby, patiently awaiting for someone. Before he could approach her, however, another guy with extremely wavy hair beat him to the punch. Who's that guy?

He noticed that Angelique didn't look too happy to see the other guy, as she immediately adorned an angry face as she began talking to him. Ryan, being the chivalrous man he was, had to get closer and figure out exactly what was going on. He quickly weaved behind groups of people before taking a hiding spot behind a support beam that was close to the arguing pair.

"Still so bitter over our breakup? I would guess that we'd be friends again by now."

Ryan let out an angry growl. Oh hell no. There was no way this guy was Angelique's ex-boyfriend. If he even tries to holla at my girl, we'll need to have a friendly conversation. Soon.

The two continued to bicker for a few more minutes before another girl holding a comically-wrapped chicken arrived, threatening to stick said chicken in a place "where the sun don't shine". Ryan swiftly peaked around the beam to catch a glimpse of the other girl, hoping she was equally as attractive and engaging as Angelique was. He raised an eyebrow. I was right after all. None of her friends even come close to matching up to her. With more threats, the random guy who Ryan found out was named Nolan finally left the two girls alone, but not before mentioning something about Angelique have a crush on someone named Kalden.

Man, she really doesn't have taste. Starting to think I'm not the only one who's under her crushing spell. The air-bender from the match, eh? We'll see what happens when he gets caught in my whirlpool.

As he thought of a dozen ways to destroy the shameless idiot in front of him, Ryan subconciously remembered a guy named Kalden from his childhood. A neighbour, maybe? A classmate? A charcter from a book? He couldn't remember, but he had more improtant things to do.

After debating Angelique's crush on this guy that Ryan was also probably gonna beat up, the two girls left, leaving Ryan alone. He watched as the clown-haired guy walked towards the right exit, still smiling to himself.

"Hey you! Yeah, the clown-haired dude! Mind if I have a word with you?"

Nolan turned around as a random person rudely addressed him. It was some skinny guy, with a really weirdo hairdo, who didn't look too happy to see him. "You don't have a lot of room to talk about bad hairstyles, bub. What do you want?"

Ryan smiled at Clownhair's comment, then frowned again. "You see, that girl you just talked to, she so happens to be my catch. Laws of the sea, you know?"

"Your 'catch'? What the heck are you talking about, you freak?" Nolan was utterly confused, but also extremely angry that this random person had the nerve to talk to him like this. "You mean Angelique? I really doubt she would be interested in a loser like you."

"I'm gonna get this done with quickly. You know the rule between guys. The best keeps her. I'm obviously more competent than you in anything, so back off, bro."

"Keeps her? You think I'm actually interested in that witch?" Nolan laughed loudly at the suggestion of it. "You can have her. If you can tolerate her terrible attitude and equally as terrible looks, then all power to ya. I've had my share of her, and it sucked."

Witch? Ryan thought. That's it. He walked up to him and tried to push him onto the ground. "Say that again and you'll pay, tough guy!"

Except, well, Nolan was a lot bigger than Ryan was, so the push really didn't do much. Instead, Nolan pushed Ryan and sent him to the ground. "What are ya gonna do, string bean? I could snap you in half if I wanted to."

Ryan quickly got back up, surprised that this guy hadn't apologized yet. He looked at the drink Nolan was holding. Suddenly, the liquid within shot upwards out of the cup, hitting Nolan smack in the face, blinding him for a few seconds, allowing Ryan to leg-sweep him onto the floor.

Nolan grunted as he hit the floor, his face and hair drenched in the soda he was drinking. "Okay loser, you're getting it now!" He jumped back up and swung at Ryan, ready to bash his face in with every ounce of strength he could muster.

"Oh, poor guy. Your clown-hair got wet?" Ryan snickered as he easily dodged the punch. "How about a little chit-chat about manners, my friend?" He unscrewed the cap off his bottle and a stream of water shot out, coiling itself around Nolan like a snake. "After all, you said Angelique had a 'crush' on you, right? I'm sure you don't want to get crushed by this, then."

"What are you talking about, moron?" Nolan griped as he struggled in the weird water coil. "I said she had a crush on Kalden, from the Force of Nature, not me. I couldn't care less if she was interested in me."

"Well, guess what, Clownhair. It matters to me." In a flash, Ryan pulled out his cutlass, and swung it right at Nolan's face. A few seconds later, a long strand of hair dropped onto the floor. "Just a little reminder."

Nolan was seriously confused. "What are you even talking about? I have nothing to do with Angelique anymore. Seriously, save yourself the trouble of having to deal with her. She's not a fun person to be around. You'd be better off finding someone different."

"Thanks for the advice." Ryan sneered as he sheathed his sword, and a couple or security guards appeared.

"Nothing going on here, guys."

"Uh, that's a lie." Nolan said as the water snake dropped onto the ground. "This freak of nature attacked me for no reason. All I was trying to do was go to my seat and he waterbended my drink on me and then tried to cut my head off with his stupid sword. I don't even know who he is."

The guard turned to Ryan. "Is this true?"

Ryan coughed, and walked up to the guard. He reached in his pocket, pulled out a few coins and proceeded to shake the guard's hand. "You know how people get excited at matches. I'm a supporter of the Force of Nature, and he supports the Beetlefrogs. Just a friendly argument, sir."

The guard questioningly looked at Ryan and back at Nolan, who was not in a good mood at the moment. "I see... well boys, the next time you want to have an argument, do so without getting physical, especially in the lobby. Take the fight on your own grounds."

Nolan was dumbfounded as the guards just walked away without even questioning Ryan's story. "Seriously? Man, whatever. Keep your stupid girlfriend, I don't care. She's your issue now." With that, Ryan began to angrily storm down into the seating area.

He turned around to Nolan. "Where she is sitting?"

"On the opposite side from here, I dunno. She's usually front row to these things." Nolan replied. "Now, leave me alone." With that, he left in a furious rage of fury to his seat.

Ryan was surprised Clownhair answered him. He stood there for a moment, before hesitantly replying: "Thanks!" and running to the designated area.

It didn't take him long to find Angelique and Julienne, chatting excitedly, waiting for the game to start. But - Oh, you have got to be kidding me. The only free spot next to his lady was taken. How in the ocean am I supposed to talk with her now?

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