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To those saying that the mother humiliated her across the internet - actually, that was the media.

Whilst this may not be the perfect example, I am sure this is going to be a much more effective punishment than being grounded for a week. She broke the rules, she got punished.

To those saying it will effect her future jobs... she's 11. That's like saying the old lie that your permanent record will be seen by every employer in your life - utter rubbish.

Originally Posted by Pachy
I think that if we stopped hiding simple truths from our children; that these things would not happen as often as they do now.
I don't understand how this relates to the OP. The mother says that the girl has done the dance previously, and was told it was inappropriate and sexual, yet she continued. How is that hiding any truths? The girl new exactly what she was doing.

Surprised Miley Cirus hasn't been mentioned.
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