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Quote originally posted by Semyaza:
As plenty of others have expressed, I am also interested in seeing where you take this hack.

Out of curiosity, however, and if it isn't too personal, what part of the Navy are you in? I am actually a Boomer vet (King's Bay, GA; USS Rhode Island [Blue]) and it is always interesting to see other service members around these parts.
I'm a Nuclear Electronic's Technician currently in Prototype school stationed in SC. Almost done with my training and then I'll be heading out to subs, hopefully I get King's Bay too.

Quote originally posted by MisterFrost:
You have my support! Can't wait for the release.
Well, production is kind of slow but I'm pushing as hard as I can, especially since I'm the only one working on it!

Quote originally posted by ElitePokes:
Good pics and some unique features i cant wait for a beta or alpha

Thanks. I have about 35-50 minutes of gameplay including if you talked to every talkable object. Otherwise if you just did the main objectives, I'd say I have about 15-20 minutes of gameplay up to and including your first battle to get your starter Pokemon. My main objective is to get at least 2-3 hours worth of gameplay before I release an alpha. Working in great ideas for the story that I'm doing, as I work 4 hours a day Mon-Fri and in my free time at work, I'm brainstorming and story writing so. I'm hoping you enjoy the story!

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