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I still think my favorite overall Pokemon are Tyranitar, Raikou, Chandelure & Braviary. I try to use all of them in a game if I get the chance, or migrate them over at some point.

As for the rest of the types, going by primary type:

Fire: Gotta Be Arcanine here. One of the first Pokemon I really loved.
Water: Gyarados or Kingdra.
Grass: Cacturne is amazing. Scarecrow design is eerie and very well done.
Ice: Mamoswine. It's a wooly mammoth. What's not to like?
Normal: Ursaring. Bear Pokemon need more love.
Dark: Second favorite type. Gotta go with Honchkrow or Houndoom. Boss. B)
Psychic: I really like Gallade, and its knight/warrior motif.
Ground: Rhyperior. I love pretty much all the Gen IV evolutions.
Steel: Steelix, cool name and really cool design.
Bug: Scizor. It's like the definitive Bug type.
Dragon: Garchomp. One of the most BA Pokemon there is.
Fairy: So far, I actually really like Swirlix the most.
Poison: Toxicroak. It's a menacing toxic frog.
Fighting: Machamp. One of my original favorites, had a really strong one in RBY.