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Originally Posted by ilias_ View Post
Do you think Mega Evolutions will remain permanent in the anime? Maybe it was just for the trailer and Mega Blaziken's trainer was around here... I am glad Clemont is not wearing those "hands" all the time.

I think Bonnie is too young to be a Pokemon trainer. Or she is just short. lol
I hope Megas won't be permanent... maybe a bit longer lasting, and able to be used outside of battle, but not permanent.

Bonnie may not be a trainer, but I hope she at least has a Pokémon. Just as a pet or something idk.

Originally Posted by pokerex View Post
That was normal garchomp. maybe the ring around his neck was an attempt to make it mega evolve, but it failed and it just made garchomp rampage. And maby that mega Blaziken belongs to a good guy who knows how to properly mega evolve his pokemon, and he is trying to stop the people who are responsible for the rampaging pokemon(probably team flare).
lmao typos whoops
The ring probably was the mind-control device tho. I don't think the M!Blaziken belongs to one of the good guys- the way it's presented implies it's an antagonist. And it doesn't look like it's involved with the scene of Garchomp.

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