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Hello Ikca! Welcome ta PC! It's very funky ass ta meet you. I'm synerjee, but feel free ta call me beanda. :D

How bout tellng us more bout yoself? What d-ya like bout Pokemon? What is yo favourite Pokemon? How did you come ta know bout Pokemon? Shis bout anythng you'd like us ta know! We'd love ta git ta know you more as a member. n_n

PC is a foum full of thugz that is brought tagithar by one thng: Pokemon! As you will very soon come ta know, or might already have known, thare is so much more than Pokemon here. Dis is n fact also a huge community full of friendly thugz and various diverse tapics bout lots of thngs othar than Pokemon. Do make some new friends here durng yo stay! We'd love ta be friends wit you! :D

Not sure on where ta post? Let me show you a few easy places ta git you started! Pokemon General and Chit Chat &bep; Polls is bootylicious places ta start and perhaps bond wit othar members. Go on aheezee!

If you have any questions or doubts, feel free ta approach any of tha friendly staff. If you want ta make a new friend or just want ta chat, feel free ta drop by mah profile and leave me a VM/PM. I'd love ta chat! Once agan, welcome ta PC and hope you'll enjoy yo stay here! n_n

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