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Here's my crossover theory for LOLs:
"I know people think Ash doesn't age in the anime because of the people want him to appeal to younger kids. But I think I wanna stick to the theory that Ash got his wish to not age by wishing his heart out to Ho-Oh.

Wouldn't it be weird though if that Ho-Oh in the first episode was really Tezuka's Phoenix that granted him that wish? Sure they are two seperate series, but wouldn't it be funny if they snuck that in there?

In the 80s anime, Hinotori AKA the Phoenix only had to fly over someone to give them eternal life and youth. Heck one guy got cursed to a point that he would age all the way to a baby and stayed that way for all eternity. Plus in the movie Phoenix 2772, she had the ability to change form.

The name Ho-Oh is also another name for the Phoenix in some literature as well. So could Pokemon's Ho-Oh actually be another version of Tezuka's phoenix?
Anyways that's my thought on the whole 'Ash doesn't Age' thing."
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