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I can see you're getting there, Dero. Your eraser marks show me you're using your artistic eye to find the right places. I see you're using guidelines to draw, so you've got your basics down. What you really need is a good dose of Anatomy101!

Your first piece, I think it's great that you're taking on perspective so heavily, but that's a real challenge. Right now, I see your strong point being faces and, oddly enough, hands. Despite being out of line with the characters, your hands are actually surprisingly well drawn. When you're practicing, make sure you take the time to work on the things you're good at.

Since you have an aptitude for faces, let me give you a protip. Learn how to draw hair. Really put forth the effort to draw hair, because it's an easy part of the drawing that you can expand to any corner of the paper. I mean, it's anime, you can have blue hair up the wazoo in those pieces and nobody with think otherwise. But, if you can master that, you can automatically drag your skill up and down the piece, making the audiences eye focus more on the "flow" of the drawing as opposed to the details.

Well done Dero. Keep it up and you'll be a regular master!
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