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I'm going by terms of usage in OU, because they are overrated for a good reason:

Gen 1 - Dragonite, because multi-scale has made him one of the most frustrating Pokemon to face in battles (I've dealt with them before in random match-ups).

Gen 2 - Scizor, now that it's known that Fairies are weak to Steel, Scizor's popularity isn't going to die down anytime soon, not with that STAB Bullet Punch w/ Technician and a choice band.

Gen 3 - Metagross, seeing as OU has a shortage on Hoenn Pokemon, I had to go with Metagross since Breloom and Salamence aren't as much as a prominent threat as they use to be. Also it's because of personal experience when dealing with Metagross in random match-ups (they were pretty tough to beat).

Gen 4 - Infernape, he is this close to being game-breaker material with those stats and diversial movepool of his, and part of the reason why Charizard has become one of the most underrated Pokemon.

Gen 5 - Ferrothorn, it has pretty much outclassed a lot of support-based Grass types with its Steel typing.
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