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What is your favorite FF game?
Final Fantasy VI for sure.
Who is your favorite character?
Mog. Slaying beasts by dancing is the most productive thing one can do.
do you prefer the Classics of recent remakes?
I prefer the remakes over the original, especially for the horribly aged NES ones.
Do you like the original medieval volumes to the newer modern volumes?
Yeah, since the feeling of adventure is more present.
What is your favorite spin off game?
The Tactics Series for sure. I really liked Fire Emblem, so I was just born to love these games.
Do you think the series is dyeing? (looking at you XIII)
Yeah, but I'm pretty sure It'll come around some day.
Do you plan to play FF realm reborn or already playing it?
Nah. I don't really like MMORPGs
Did you get into the Beta for FF Realm Reborn? (I DID :D)
Do you think Cloud killed Aerith by drowning her by accident because he presumed she was dead?
I saw that Game Theory as well! It seems like a good theory, but I'm not really buying it to well.
Do you want the 4 heroes of light tradition to come back? (imagine that in some of the newer games :D)
Kinda. I really like character development (like in 4, 6, and 7) a bit more.
What was the hardest boss to defeat?
Maybe Ultros (when I was younger I had to try like a jillion times to beat him) when you first fight him.
When did you find the series?
My friend told me how cool it was, and 8-bit Theater also.

Pink Moon is on its way.