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A Grand Finale, A Dramatic Entrance:

The entire arena was brimming with excitement as the two teams were tied 1-1, going into the final round. People were shouting and cheering for either their favourite teams, or their favourite fighters. Both The Force of Nature and The Beetlefrogs were standing at the ready, staring each other down. It was now or never, and in the next few minutes, there was definitely going to be a victor.

Suddenly, the buzzer went off, signalling the start of the round and the two teams went at each other, one-on-one to start with. Kalden was fighting against the Beetlefrogs' earthbender, Jian, the firebender, was battling against their waterbender and Dominic was duking it out with their firebender. The entire fight seemed to be at a stalemate, despite the rocks, water, fire and blasts of air colliding in the air, sending everything scattering across the field, and the fighters jumping back and forth in the arena, attacking, dodging and counterattacking against their adversary.

After making a miscalculation in movement, however, Kalden got hit square in the chest with one of the discs, knocking all of the air (Hardy har) out of him and causing him to tumble back to the second section of the arena. He swiftly got to his feet again, however and managed to deflect another pair of discs coming at him, forced into the defensive, wincing as he continued to fight off the ferocious other team.

"Jian! Switch it up, let's get this over with!" Kalden shouted out, and the silent firebender delivered a roundhouse kick, followed by a quick one-two jab combo, sending the other team's waterbender into the defensive. Jian then threw himself into a roll towards the left side of the first area that him and Dominic were in, at the same time as Kalden gracefully spun, dodging two discs, which landed him square in the middle.

With this change in placement, Kalden gave a grin. "Combo-time!" The three of them simultaneously began their massive counter-attack, consisting of Dominic jumping into the air and stamping his feet onto the ground, causing two discs to fly into the air at once, jabbing both fists forwards, one above the other, knuckles facing each other, which sent both discs flying at chest and leg-height. Jian thrust his fists forwards, sending a pair of fireballs forwards before leaping and kicking both legs forwards, sending an additional two fireballs flying at the earthbender. Finally, Kalden lept into the air in a backwards flip, using his momentum to send a vertical gust of air at the firebender on the other team, stretching his right arm out, which he landed on as he pulled himself into a spin, which gave him the opportunity to follow up just a second later with a horizontal kick and gust of air.

The enemy team, trying to both defend themselves and their team mates were slammed into by The Force of Nature's attacks in a manner of seconds, which sent them tumbling to the edge of the arena and over it, all three of them falling into the water below, leaving the audience to yell out in a roar of excitement which almost shook the entire stadium.

The commentator was out of his seat, mouth open in shock as he stuttered out his shocked congratulations.

"The winners... are... The Force of Nature! What an intense display of teamwork, a clean knock-out!"

The crowd, hundreds of spectators, burst into applause - young girls and women alike screaming at the pro-bending stars who had successfully stormed to first place. The victors celebrated on the battle podium, enjoying the admiration of their adoring fans.

"Newbies luck," his assistant, and older gentleman, muttered as the microphones were turned off, "Kids these-" His sentence was suddenly cut short.

"Reg, you're always the pessimist," the older man sighed, still observing the crowd below their crows-nest office. The noise, even from so far below, was enormous - the enthusiasm around pro-bending always amused the seasoned commentator. A red haze of light blocked his view through the window, reflected from behind - turning was the last thing the pro-bending commentator managed before slumping to the floor.

- - - - - -

The attackers hit hard and fast. Their targeting was precise, organised and they were well equipped for the job. Sleek, black and metallic gloves covered their hands and forearms, a subtle red glow eminating from an eye-like marking on their palm. They lacked any uniform, having all come disguised as guests, making them invisible and readily dangerous.

They had waited for the crowd to thin slightly before going for their target. The audience, the non-benders of the city, were of no use to them. The majority of assailants stayed in the stadium, after removing the security with relative ease, the stadium would work like a fort - almost impossible for the authorities to reclaim it.

Their target? Rumours and whispers, shadows in the night, had pinpointed the Avatar's location. Xiu Lim was in Republic City.

"Grab all the Benders you can find," the highest ranking assassin told his colleagues, his team spreading out down the tunnels beneath the grand stadium. They had already raided the team rooms - he had made the Airbender a specific target, the boy would make a fantastic prize for the boss. They knew the Avatar's name, however there was little information other than that.
- - - - - -


After the game, your characters have become divided. Kalden has been kidnapped from his team's changing quarters. Ryan has also been kidnapped as he left the stadium, at the start of the chaos. Both characters were knocked out and carried out via an escape route - they will awaken to find themselves in the cabin of a small boat, handcuffed to furniture, in the middle of Yue Bay.

Davian got caught in the chaos, when the first assailants struck. He is currently in a huge crowd of people, benders and non-benders, trying to assess the situation.

Angelique and Xiu had already left the stadium by the time the attackers took over. The doors back in are now locked, however there is obviously something wrong.

Your task is to free the civilians, as well as keep yourself out of danger - remember, it would be wise to keep the Avatar's identity secret. It is up to you how your characters collide and interact in this event; joint posts are advised.

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