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Originally Posted by DoesntKnowHowToPlay View Post
I'll be pretty impressed if you can get 6 evos for one mon on Ruby. It's not impossible, but I'm surprised that anyone would pull it off and *not* go the full distance and add Glaceon as well.
Well I've worked around that problem with an easy fix that ties in well with an event in the story. I have it to where instead of a stone evolution, it'll be like a scenario where you choose which eeveevolution you want and instead just replace your current eevee with a new eeveelution that you chose. See, I don't know ... Glaceon just never really showed me any appeal, I mean why add an ice eeveelution when you already have a water type? Why not go for a different type that's not so closely related? Do you think I should add Glaceon?
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