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Originally Posted by DoesntKnowHowToPlay View Post
Oh right, forgot about that old thread about changing species in Ruby. I thought you were doing something more sophisticated to get things to evolve properly- that explains it.

With regards to Glaceon I feel it'd be better to keep it, as it does have merits (130 satk stab blizzard plz) over Vaporeon, but it's your hack so do what you want.
I've never read that thread Another thing you could do is create a duplicate eevee in the pokedex so that if you were given a choice on which stone you'd want and you chose leaf stone or I don't know how you'd implement for like glaceon.. ice stone? Ha. But when you chose the other eeveelutions that couldn't fit the first eevee, it just replaces your current eevee with a new eevee which is also the duplicate eevee. But eh, I have a different plan in mind.

As for Glaceon, I mean I suppose I could add it. Doesn't hurt to
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