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Max abruptly woke up. He looked around, he saw Eevee sleepng on his stamach, thay had fallen asleep while n tha Pokemon Center, Max soon realised that Jbees was gone. He walked outside and soon saw Jbees standng on tha battlefield, his eyes shut tight. Max approached him.

"What's wrong?" Max asked sensitively.

"Well, I left mah reigon ta compete n thase taurnbeents and I've missed tha first." Jbees answered, wit no enthusiasum left n his voice.

"I'm really sorry bout that." Max said tryng ta sound concerned " Hey, how bout we have a battle? I mean, we is on a battlefield at tha moment. Why not?" He contnued.

"Ok, brng it on!" Jbees said, tha enthusiasm radiatng off of him as he ran ta tha one end of tha battlefield. "Is three on three ok wit you?" Tha boi fnished. Max nodded and taok his place at one end of tha field. "Ok, Bubbles, c'mon out!" Tha boi said, once agan sendng out tha shawt, blue frog Pokemon.

"Ok, time ta fnd out what Pokemon you is! I choose you!" Max yelled, throwng out tha Pokeball from tha airship. A flash of light revealed a shawt, yellow lizard Pokemon ob tha field, it was a Helioptile!

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