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Hi Sliter! Eee Gold is in your avatar. :o <3

You can discuss Pokemon here on PC as well as learn all about ROM hacking, plus everything else you're interested in! There are boards to discuss the Pokemon generations (of course), trade, battle, participate in Pokemon-related forum clubs and trivia, and lots of other good stuff. Emulation is the go-to board for hacking so make sure to look around there and ask away if you have questions! They have a simple questions thread there for people who might be a little lost with things. It's a big board so you'll find lots to keep you busy. As I'm not a hacker I can't help you personally, but there are many people there that can!

No need to apologize either, we're an accepting community here so feel free to discuss whatever you like. Right now I am super-duper excited for X and Y so October needs to come faaaster sigh. How do you feel about the sixth generation? Anything stand out to you in particular? :3

Enjoy your time here and see you around, Sliter! We're very happy to have you here.

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