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Quote originally posted by Livewire:
I can help you now! :D

But yeah, it's going to be nuts. Reports everywhere.
Especially with QTT problems. @>@ Any help will be appreciated > 3<

Quote originally posted by Dyl-icious:
I hope i'm not the only one here.. But I'm honestly not anticipating X and Y as much as most people are. No clue why.. I'm very ready for them to be released, seeing as I have them both preordered already. They seem cool and all, and i'll definitely be trading quite a bit when they do come out, for the version specifics. But meh.. I just don't think they'll be as good as what everyone is expecting them to be. XD
How dare you. Just kidding I certainly don't judge you if you're not super hyped up, it really all depends on the person. Me? I'm kind of half and half about it I suppose haha.
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