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Originally Posted by Meganium90 View Post
Hi there, Sliter! It's great to see ya here. <3 I'm Megan and it is a pleasure.

So, ROM hacking is your interest, right? Have you checked out our very own Emulation & ROM Hacking section yet? It has a lot of things for you to learn when it comes to creating your own hack. Whether it's a GBA hack, a GBC hack, or a DS hack, you can learn about all that, and you can download all the tools you need for it. Hopefully soon we'll see that hack of yours in the Progressing Hacks section, where people will beta-test your hack to its best.

Your opinions about Pokemon are always welcome, as well as any discussion you bring forth. We have every single section pertaining to each aspect of Pokemon, from generation gaming to anything in general, to competitive battling. <3 You'll totally have fun!

See ya around, ask questions if you have any, okay! The staff in bold are always around to answer them. :
Hello! Nice to meet you!
Yeah, but isn't my main interest XDI want to see some opinions and art too, this place looks complete ! XD About HAcking I hope I can do something enjoyable °w°
Ok! I hope they don't get made if I do much post in wrong section hehehe xD
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