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Originally Posted by Slayr231 View Post

Getting back to reviewing. I wonder why some people don't review, and why some people that do review, don't on some stories.

I'm guilty of leaving some stories out to dry while I give another complete and total attention. For me, if a story has several chapters out, I won't review it because it seems like it would take way too long. On others, if it seems to be an exact copy of a game plot, then I'll skip it. I'll also skip out on reviewing if someone else has already reviewed it, but to be honest, that doesn't happen a lot.
Like Astinus the length can be an issue if I jump into a story late. In forums I'll probably just do an overview review of what's posted and maybe thoughts on the last chapter or two. However, if FFnet or AO3 I might be able to do chapter by chapter as the system made it for the readers to review that way and the story will still be there.

Originally Posted by Astinus View Post
Though I am still working on a fic I've just started. The unfortunate thing is that I planned out this fic last year and didn't get a chance to write it until now, and I've forgotten a few things about what I wanted to do in the story and who I wanted to include. But I remembered and that helped get things back on track. I was stuck like Slayr, where one scene was holding me back from continuing the story, and I didn't know how I wanted to write that particular scene. Remembering a particular character in the story and planning what he was going to do in the story got me past everything, and now I'm doing pretty good.
I usually try to write/post my story ideas if I have my notebook/computer with me (I like saving my ideas on google docs now these days). However, can understand if you got your ideas from work/commuting and weren't able to write it down somewhere.

When I was stuck on my current story, I wrote the ending chapter because it was stuck in my mind. It's the one part of the story that's remained with me, and I just wanted to get it out of the way. I'll edit it when I write the rest of the story to fit in any changes. Doing that did tempt me to write the entire story backwards, starting from the last chapter and ending at the beginning. But I decided against that for a few reasons.
Don't think I can do an entire story backwards, haha. Writing out of order I can do as I'm usually good at stringing scenes together later.

Tumblr can be kind of treacherous to poke around, and there are some writing blogs there that made me feel bad about some habits I have about writing. Of course, there are some blogs on Tumblr that could just make you feel bad in general, so...
It's less of writing blogs and more of blogs from fanfic writers that have others complementing on their writing (long version under spoilers).

It got started when I found a group of people writing the same fandom and pairing as me and let me join them. They would then say nice things to one another and I started to feel lonely when they didn't give the same compliments to me. I let my feelings spill out about that and lost a "friend" or two because of that. These past few months I thought it was unusual as I never felt like this when writing for the Pokemon fandom. But enough of that lol.

I only follow two writing blogs (one is Jax's and the other is more so positive writing advice), but I do know a couple people that would get upset over the writing blogs, especially those that talk about media representation. You don't have diverse characters in your fantasy world? You should feel bad because fantasy worlds rarely get person of color. You're a white person that has diverse characters and researched their culture well? You should feel bad because there are PoC writers that aren't able to break out in the publishing world. I'm all for social justice and media representation is good, but it seems you can never please a certain crowd on Tumblr, and this is coming from me who is a person of color.
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