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Quote originally posted by EpicGameBums:
Well I'm twelve now but I'm turning 13 in November so am I safe from this law?
...nope. >__>

Quote originally posted by Hikari10:
Sadly you need to be at least 13 or your account gets restricted until you either turn 13 or if you submit parental consent, which has to be a hand-written note by your parents, scanned and then uploaded. The admins should give you the all clear upon seeing the note. Read the OP by Razor Leaf for information on how to submit parental consent. When your account is restricted, it won't be able to receive PMs/VMs and your profile will be hidden from view to others.
Hikari I appreciate that you're trying to be helpful but almost all of that is wrong. COPPA users can recieve PMs, we have a form of consent which is a bit more than a note now and much easier to use, and I removed information regarding consent from the first post. ):