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Yep! n_n To put it this way...

Competitive battling is definitely fun. I urge people who haven't tried it to at least give it at go. I remember when I first joined the battle server and I knew nothing of competitive battling at the time, only wishing that I had knew as much as the others that were there, did. But I just kinda went into it, and that's how I learned, if that made any sort of sense, haha.

It's best to just jump into it headfirst. You're going to make mistakes, but no one is perfect, after all. We all have our embarrassing moments in competitive when we start out, and I'm honestly no different. Now I absolutely love competitive battling, partaking in various tiers such as Ubers, OU, UU, maybe NU, LC, and also Tier Shift and VGC 2013 (well it's a VGC team, but I think it's better used for Smogon Doubles). So yeah, you can definitely say I have a heart for it, and I love to learn more about the latter tiers as I progress~!

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