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Originally Posted by ★Hoenn★ View Post
. . . because in Sinnoh, no derp Pokémon existed. . .
Sinnoh had no derp pokemon? Really, koff~?

Croagunk and Bidoof? Likilicky and Magmortor? Magnezone and Probopass? The ridiculous horror that is Rhyperior? These are but a handful of the fourth generation's failures. I like it when they can go back and evolve certain pokemon (Porygon is a wonderful example), but when they take a monster like Rhydon and 'demote' it by evolving it into a heap of orange poo-mess, that just makes no sense at all.

People like to talk at how uninspired the fifth generation is. Pish-posh. All the 5th generation pokemon are brand new! The fourth generation had more than 20 evolutions and pre-evolutions linking to past games. For shame, those that label the fifth generation 'uninspired', koffi~
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