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Originally Posted by Skunter View Post
I personally do apply ratings on other sites where I've posted my fanfics, namely as a precaution so that people are aware that they're not meant for little kids (I write PG-13 range stories). Would it be a problem if I do that here, or should I just include a brief memo (rather than a thing labeled "rating") in an introductory section I have written out before the prologue to make people aware that there are some scenes that may come across as slightly graphic (not over the top graphic, but described in a way that's meant to leave an impact)?
Adding a rating is fine. A lot of people weren't following this rule, so instead of closing a bunch of threads, the moderators just decided to change the rule to include warnings. Maybe include both a rating and a memo? We have a few mature stories on here as well, so you're fine.
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