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My new favorite panel. Terezi is so cool here.

Also, the dog duo is more loyal to Jade than they are to fighting each other? I mean, in PM's case. I had forgotten that she too will have feelings for Jade now that she is prototyped.

I expected so much more drama when the two of them finally reached the B2 session, but this is a nice twist. And Dave facing them! He fought Bec Noir before once, and died, so I don't think he'd live long against two of them. Especially since he refuses to use Time powers nowadays.

Still think Jane can sneak her powers by and revive Jade though! But not before Jade and Calliope have had some time to talk in paradox space/deadland.

Speaking of which, why wasn't Jade's eyes empty and white there? As if she wasn't really dead, despite the clock ticking on to Justified killing, because of Aranea possibly.

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