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I've never used a Master Ball before. Not even when I come across shinies. I only use them when I come across a shiny that's capable of selfdestructing, teleporting, etc. Which has never happened.

Quote originally posted by Juxapose:
I don't care too much for shiny Pokemon. Most of the time, Shiny Pokemon have horrid IV stats, and don't have the correct nature. Chances are that the Shiny Pokemon will be a species that I don't even want to use. And considering that many players just RNG a shiny Pokemon, they don't even feel special anymore.
I believe the method of obtaining a shiny is more important than the shiny itself. For instance, if you came across a Shiny Gyarados, Dragonite, or Garchomp, you can brag about it being found in the wild as opposed to the in-game gifts. Likewise, a shiny starter that you got by pure luck has more bragging rights than a person who RNGed or hacked. This might not be known at face-value, but so long as the player knows, s'all that matters.
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