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Quote originally posted by CoffeeDrink:
Number 1, koff~
First Pokemon generated was kakuna, so poison type.
I'll just use 1 Grimer and 2 Koffing since I'm the first gym.

Gym Type: Poison
Badge: Danger Badge


lvl-18 Koffing (M) Levitate
poison gas

lvl-19 Koffing (F) Levitate

lvl-22 Grimer (M) Poisontouch

Before Battle: "Pokemon. They're all around us. Whether Pokemon are your friends or your enemies is up for you to decide; just don't forget about the ones you shun, they'll haunt you 'til you're dying day"

After Battle: "I see. You seem to have the gumption to take your skills all the way. . . here, take these. *gives out selfdestruct TM and black sludge* That TM contains selfdestruct. It is a move of last resort; your pokemon will faint when they use it, but they'll often take others with them to the pokecenter. . . Black sludge heals the most despised pokemon, poison, and no others. Use them wisely. Don't ever forget who your friends are. . ."

How'd I do, koffi~
You did great! you even wrote before and post-match text!
I like the way you actually used the "Gym leader formula" getting 2 of the same pokemon and then a different one, slightly stronger.
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