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Originally Posted by Gigabyyyte View Post
Um, there are some things I'd like help for.

First, is this compatible with gogojjtech's HGSS Music Patch? If so, how do I apply it?

Second, no offense, but I want to re-reverse engineer (wat) the Cut system you implemented. Is that possible? :O

Thanks and more power.
I read that thread, and your replies in it, just minutes after I made my last reply, so I kind of figured this was where this was going.

I'll send a PM for the first part. As for the latter question, you'd just be "reverse-engineering" my tree-cut procedure. You can find it tacked on at the beginning of each tree's event data in AdvanceMap 1.92. Note that you'd have to apply it to every tree in the game since you'd be assigning each tree its own flag.

Who says hacks have to radically changes things up from their base games?
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