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Meta Knight vs. Sonic Atleast Sonic Isn't BROKEN!!
Peach vs. Ness Love his Back Air, F-Air, and Neutral B. :D
Pikachu vs. Link Pikachu is Fun to Play as in SSB with his Back Air but i ain't Spamachu but for those who are Deserve a SMACK!!!
Diddy Kong vs. Ganondorf Melee Ganon is SOOO FUN!!!
Bowser vs. Samus I like Samus in her Power Suit. :D
Ice Climbers vs. Marth This One is So Awesome with his Shield Breaker,Forward Air,Down Air, and Forward B. :D
Zero Suit Samus vs. Sheik I like Her Better than Zelda. :D
Falco vs. Mario Falco is So Cool with his Short-Hop Double Laser and His Backflip!
Kirby vs. Snake This Guy has Projectile, Some Strength, and Some Speed!
Ike vs. Fox This One Is SO Powerful! One Swing of that Sword can Send Anyone Flying! :D

Lamp Shall Conquer the Galaxy! For those Who believe Lamp is there New Lord then Post this on your Sig and I Shall give you Pennies oh wait...They're Extinct! Hah! XD
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